Our Pop-up pubs are named The Rose And Crown and The Red Lion as standard, but they can of course be renamed for any occasion. We can design and produce all the required elements for you in-house. This includes full colour printed signage, traditional signwriting as well as CNC cut 3D lettering finished in any colour you require.

We also offer guidelines and templates for designers to create their own artwork and lettering to allow for total creative control. Signage is easily swappable and can be stored between shows for use over multiple events and occasions. See below for information on the standard custom signage areas of our Pop-up pubs.

Every site location is different, but in most cases our friendly and experienced crew can deliver your Pop-up pub and have it set up in just a few hours.  All you need is stable ground with lorry access and enough space for the building to stand on.

The drawing above illustrates how the Rose & Crown Pop-up pub is landed and how much space you will need for a standard installation. As the Red Lion requires only one lorry, the delivery space required is reduced from 10m to 5m. The lorries can load from in front (as shown) or from behind the pub site as required.

Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals, Sporting Events, Private Parties etc. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

The Rose and Crown

The Golden Lion

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